A very special guest review…

Jim and Kim,
I hope all is well.
Pamela and I want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy your fabulous Bahamas retreat.
You were more than fair to honor our paid reservation after more than a year, we are so greatful.
We have so many wonderful  memories of a week full of awesome experiences. It was more than just another vacation. It was truly therapy. One particular moment on about the fourth day. We were in the 15 on our way back from Hopetown. It was one of those perfect Bahamian afternoons with the sun shining, the white billowing clouds against a beautiful blue sky, the clear green Bahamian water with a light chop, we were scooting along with the breeze blowing away all of our cares. I looked over at Pamela as she was lost in the beauty of the moment looking aimlessly ahead. She had such an expression of peace and tranquility, a tear of happiness welled up in my eyes. It was as though she had finally come home. Did you ever fall in love all over again with someone that you have been in love with for more than 25 years? That is how I felt at that moment.
For all of that and so much more, thank you.
I am sure that you have experienced so many of your own special moments in that wonderful place in the middle of the ocean.
We can’t wait to add to ours the next time. Until then we will just have to enjoy our photos and the memories.
Dennis and Pamela