The cottage has 60 ft of glass doors and is directly on the sea of Abaco with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a private dock with a 12,000 pound Remote Control boat lift. Both homes have central air.


TWT from the Sea of Abaco – dock for each
house. Point deck overlooks the Sea




Bungalow on the left with entrance, dock, boat lift & point deck. Cottage placed
directly on the Sea.

Pathway from dock to Cottage.
Living Room
Outside dining overlooking the Sea – can seat 8.
Living Room
Living room and pantry. Looking north.
Kitchen Table
Kitchen Table
Kitchen table, and west deck w/picnic table
Kitchen table, and west deck w/picnic table
North bedroom -16’ of sliding glass doors.
South bedroom & out door shower.
16’ of sliding glass12.
South bedroom & queen sized bed.
North bedroom & half bath in-suite.

2 thoughts on “Cottage

  1. Just came home from a week at the cottage. What a perfect spot and cottage! Perfect accommodations. Started and ended the day on the French porch overlooking the water, watching birds, turtles, boats and sunsets.
    Everything you could need for a week Island exploring, snorkeling and free diving. Love the decorations and outdoor shower! We rented a boat from Seahorse rentals to run around. The East side of island was great for stargazing.
    Happy to see healthy corals and lots of turtles. One healthy shark to keep nature’s respect in check. Have a cocktail at the Abaco Inn and enjoy the view!
    Awesome cottage Tweenwaters❣

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